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‌‌School of Medicine (SOM) Alumni Association 

Board of Governors 2015Founded in 1883, the Alumni Association prides itself in fostering relationships between SOM Alumni and their alma mater. Whether exchanging ideas or information, organizing continuing medical education seminars, improving educational opportunities for today's medical students or enhancing the school's reputation, the Alumni Association is a vital component of college life.

Dues for the Alumni Association:

  • $60 (annually)– First five years following graduation
  • $150 (annually)- 6+ years following graduation
  • $1,500 – Lifetime membership

Alumni Association Board of Governors:

Joseph L. Giamelli, M.D. ’02, President

John M. Cosgrove, M.D. ’83, President-Elect

Jay D. Tartell, M.D. ’82, Vice President and Archivist

Damon A. DelBello, M.D. '88, Treasurer

Jerry A. Rubano, M.D. '09, Secretary


Immediate Past Presidents:

Charles W. Episalla, M.D. ’88, M.S. '87
Henry I. Saphier, M.D. ’61
Dennis J. Allendorf, M.D. '70
Michael A. Antonelle, M.D. '62
Saverio S. Bentivegna, M.D. '50
Eileen M. Dieck, M.D. '86
Joseph F. Dursi, M.D. '59
Louis E. Fierro, M.D. '60
Christopher F.X. Riegler, M.D. '88

Elected Governors:

Peter E. Bentivegna, M.D. '85
Robert J. Furey, M.D. '62
Jay Y. Lee, M.D. '86
Adelaide G. Nardone, M.D. '83
Alyssa Simeone, M.D. '16

For more information about the School of Medicine Alumni Association:

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations