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Educating the next generation of Medical Professionals

Every day, we strive to fulfill our mission of education, research and service without compromising our commitment to excellence. Each year, we send forth an average of 190 new physicians, trained to meet the nation's most pressing healthcare needs. They take with them superb clinical skills, combined with a deep commitment to compassionate, patient-centered care.

Here are just a few areas you can support:

COVID-19 Relief Fund: Gifts to this fund will help provide PPE to our students, support the deployment of NYMC students to continue to assist with the ongoing crisis, and help offset the costs of student displacement.

Center for Disaster Medicine: Gifts to this fund will support interdisciplinary research, training, technical assistance, and educational activities related to emergency preparedness for disasters, terrorism, and public health emergencies where they may occur, such as the current COVID-19 situation.

Scholarship Funds: The price tag of a medical degree is significant. Your gift to support scholarhsips will: 

  • Help to reduce students' debt burden
  • Allow them to focus their full attention on the rigorous studies they have undertaken
  • Give them the freedom to choose the specialty where they can make the greatest possible contribution
  • Provide an expanse of opportunities for those students Underrepresented in Medicine

Make your gift today.