2019 Reunion Class Chairs

Every year, we are eternally grateful for the hardwork of the reunion chairs. Each individual steps up to help make this an incredible event for attendees by providing key insights on the weekend, rallying their classmates, and being a cheerleader for reunion.  

Class of 1969
Henry Hanff, M.D.
Edward Leary, M.D.

Class of 1979
Magdalen Hull, M.D.

Class of 1984
Noreen B. Ferrante, M.D.

Class of 1989
Elias Z. Bendeck, M.D.

Class of 1994
Ken Wells, M.D.

Class of 1999

Lori Solomon, M.D.
Denise Wong Yun, M.D.

Class of 2009

Angela Fusaro, M.D.


2018 reunion fun

Reunion Class Chairs

Are you interested in being a Chair for your Reunion? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations alumrelations@nymc.edu or 914-594-4556.