Students in front of SHSP Building

Link Locally, Affect Globally - Annual SHSP Alumni Networking Event

2018 SHSP Alumni Networking Event - Registration is now open!

Join us for the second annual Link Locally, Affect Globally. This is your chance to make connections, build your network, and engage with fellow alumni, as well as hear from our special guest speaker, Karen Berger, Vice President of Transplant and Clinical Services at Westchester Medical Center. Register today - space is limited

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018.
Location: New York Medical College - Skyline Building  

Look who's attending:

The following SHSP Alumni are planning to attend - register today

  • Ms. Karel R. Amaranth, M.P.H. '10
  • Ms. Jillian R. Annunziata, M.P.H. '15
  • Dr. Oluyemisi Ariyibi M.P.H. '16
  • Ms. Dominique L. Auguste, M.P.H. '03
  • Ms. Lydia H. Barad, M.P.H. '09
  • Ms. Susan J. Blakeney, M.S.'92, M.P.H.'10
  • Mrs. Arlene M. Boyd, M.P.H. '98
  • Mr. Derrick F. Bramble, M.P.H. '05
  • Ms. Joy C. Cambe, M.P.H. '15
  • Dana R. Deravin Carr, Dr.P.H. '13, M.P.H. '01
  • Ms. Narda Ducheine Chin, M.P.H. '03
  • Camille A. Clare, M.D., M.P.H. '11
  • Roy H. Constantine, M.P.H. '94, Ph.D.
  • Carolyn R. DeGoria, D.P.T. '13
  • Mr. Frank C. Di Giovanni, M.P.H. '00
  • Ms. Galina Filonenko, M.P.H. '04
  • Miss Heidi G. Fleischman, M.S. '87
  • Linda M. Harelick, Dr.P.H. '12
  • Dr. Allen H. Hindin, D.D.S., M.P.H. '03
  • Mr. Alexander S. Kajdi, M.P.H. '99
  • Ms. Augustina A. Kwafo-Baidoo, M.P.H. '14
  • Ms. Courtney Mahr, M.P.H. '17
  • Ms. Lisa Michelle Morrissey, M.P.H. '13
  • Mr. Marco Naguib M.P.H. '16
  • Ms. Kathryn M. Pojer, M.P.H. '15
  • Subhashini Poola, M.D., M.P.H. '99
  • Dr. Eunice V. Ramsey-Parker, M.P.H. '09
  • Ms. Najja Salmon M.P.H. '16
  • Ms. Maria I. Souto, M.P.H. '12
  • John I. Sutter, M.D., M.S. '02
  • Vadim Tantsyura, M.S. '08, Dr.P.H. '15
  • Catherine M. Tegtmeier, M.P.H. '10
  • Mr. Jason E. Tenzer, M.P.H. '04
  • Ms. Catherine A. Yankou, M.P.H. '07


SHSP Networking Event

Event details: 

Held annually, Link Locally, Affect Globally is an incredible opportunity exclusive for School of Health Sciences and Practice alumni to build their professional network while reconnecting with New York Medical College. Attended by public health leaders and innovators as well as leadership and faculty from the School, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss! 

Admission is complimentary and includes refreshments and incredible opportunities to make connections.